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What is the Statute of Limitations?

Each state has laws in place that determine a time frame in which a person can file a lawsuit against another party. Known as the statute of limitations, these laws regulate how long a person has to file a lawsuit for compensation after an incident occurs. These limits differ in each state, and can also differ according to the type of lawsuit in question. However, there are some factors that can extend a time frame in certain situations.

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Filing Periods in Wisconsin

As with many other states, the time limits established for vehicle-related injury claims in the state of Wisconsin largely depend on the general cause of the accident in question. Under this system, injuries that occur because of an inattentive driver are not treated the same as an accident that was caused intentionally. Statutes of limitations for different vehicle-related lawsuits are as follows:

  • 2 years from the time of an injury sustained because of intentional actions
  • 3 years from the time of an injury sustained because of negligence
  • 3 years from the time of an injury sustained because of a product defect

In addition to this, extra time may be granted if a person does not discover their injury immediately. This is because certain accidents may cause injuries that go unnoticed for months and even years. Known as the discovery rule, this additional time only applies within reason. If a person broke their arm and suffered a complex fracture, it would be next to impossible to claim that they did not immediately discover this injury.

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