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Unresponsive Steering Wheels

Steering wheels are one of the most important features of a vehicle, allowing drivers to maintain control over their cars. A steering wheel that fails to respond to the driver’s commands can leave the driver unable to respond to turns, changes in the road, or unexpected hazards. Irresponsible manufacturing or design and faulty repairs can contribute to the odds that a vehicle’s steering will fail.

Almost all vehicles sold in the United States today contain power steering systems. Before power steering was introduced, it took much more work from the driver to steer the vehicle’s wheels. Power steering greatly reduces the amount of work the driver must do to safely steer a vehicle. But power steering systems can fail if they are not well-designed and repaired correctly.

In recent years, automakers have adapted the “fly-by-wire” technology that has been used in airplanes for decades. So-called “drive-by-wire” systems remove the direct link between the driver’s input and the vehicle’s wheels. By routing the driver’s input through a computer, these systems have actually increased safety by adjusting the driver’s commands to suit automobile and road conditions. But when they do malfunction, drive-by-wire systems can leave drivers helpless.

Automakers and garages that put their customers’ lives at risk should be held accountable for the consequences of their negligent actions. Automobiles are extremely powerful and can be hazardous even when the driver is able to maintain control.

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