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The Relationship Between Drivers and Pedestrians

There is a common frustration that millions of American drivers have for pedestrians. Pedestrians are often thought of as being careless and quick to break rules. In this sense, they seem to be nothing more than a nuisance trying to make the lives of drivers just slightly more difficult.

Pedestrians do indeed engage in risky and sometimes illegal activities that are frustrating to drivers such as:

  • Jay walking
  • Dashing in front of cars
  • Walking when the pedestrian walk sign says to stop
  • Listening to MP3 players loudly while crossing streets instead of paying attention to traffic
  • Not properly protecting their children from cars
  • Walking on the street instead of the sidewalk

But no matter how annoying a reckless pedestrian may be to a driver, they always have the right of way.

Why Drivers Should Always Respect Pedestrians

A car can take out a pedestrian in the blink of an eye. It is pointless for drivers to become enraged at people walking unless they wish to be responsible for another person’s injuries or death. It is a driver’s responsibility to always be on the lookout for pedestrians, especially those that may break rules and cut across traffic. These individuals are not only risking their lives but also those of any drivers involved who may swerve in an attempt to not hit them.

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