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The Dangers of Tire Blow Outs

Even if you purchase the most expensive, top of the line tires for your vehicle, you still have a high risk of tire blow out. No matter what the grade, your tires are constantly being worn down as you drive. The addition of potholes, debris in the road and close calls that require quick maneuvering make the life of your tires that much shorter.

Because of the constant threat of a tire wearing down as you zip down the road, you should always be prepared for a blow out.

Preventing Tire Blow Outs

Although you can never really be free from the looming possibility of a tire blow out, there are certain things you can do to make them less likely.

  • All tires should be routinely checked for proper air pressure. Low or uneven air pressure in tires is one of the top causes of blow outs. Checking air pressure is very easy to do. Simply refer to your owner’s manual to find out what the proper tire pressure level should be and use a pressure gauge to test each one.
  • If a tire is low, simply stop at a gas station equipped with a water/air machine to top each one off.

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