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Failures to Maintain a Vehicle That May Have Lead to Your Accident

Cars are complex machines with many working parts. If any one of these parts is worn out or broken, it should be replaced immediately. It’s easy to forget about maintaining your car until something breaks, but waiting until then can have serious consequences. Many accidents that occur on our roads could have been avoided had the proper maintenance precautions been taken. The following is a list of maintenance tips that may have been forgotten or not completed and lead to your accident:

Wiper Blades

Most people don’t think about their windshield wiper blades until they need to be used, but wipers are extremely important for helping with visibility in the rain. Unfortunately, windshield wiper blades wear out over time, becoming stiff and cracking. Any lack of visibility like this can lead to catastrophic accidents, especially when paired with slick and dangerous road conditions.


Many people probably don’t know that when the weather starts to cool down they should be checking their tires. Cold weather can actually affect the air pressure in your tires, but many people might have been preoccupied with the snow or ice to check this. Regardless of the season, tires should also be regularly inspected for cracks, punctures, and other issues that could require replacement.


Checking car lights can be a bit difficult, especially if one lives alone, but this is one of the most important steps in car maintenance. Burnt-out bulbs commonly go unnoticed and can cause serious trouble, especially at night or in hazardous weather when there is poor visibility. There is no excuse to forgo this crucial step, and anyone could’ve grabbed a friend or a neighbor to help them check their lights.


Brake, oil, transmission, and power steering fluids are all hidden under the hood of the car, making them easy to keep out of mind. However, those who neglect these fluids also neglect basic safety; they’re doing a lot of work to keep your car up and running. Most cars have clear containers for these fluids, so checking the levels is actually quite simple without taking your car to a mechanic. One can even fill up these fluids on their own, provided they do a little research first. There is no excuse for poor fluid levels to result in an accident.

Most of the car accidents that occur on our roads could have been prevented with the proper care and attention. If you were injured in a car accident that was caused by another’s failure to maintain their car, then you deserve compensation for their negligent actions. At Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®, our skilled car accident lawyers will fight for your right to be safe while driving. Please don’t hesitate to contact our Madison offices at (608) 255-6663 today to begin fighting for the compensation you deserve.

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