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Car Horns

Automobile horns have more uses than simply creating noise. They are an indispensable tool for alerting others of the presence of your vehicle or warning other drivers of dangerous behavior or risks. Used correctly, horns are essential for road safety. When they are only used to express frustration, they can be a dangerous distraction.

Car Horns and the Law

Automobiles are not the only vehicles required by law to have horns. Ships, trucks, and trains must all have horns to alert others of their presence. In many places bicycles are also required to have audible alerts of some kind, although not necessarily a horn. Since people on bicycles have fewer protections than motorists, many cyclists find their horns extremely useful for getting the attention of drivers who may pose a risk.

Horns usually produce at least two different tones in a particular frequency range. Trucks have lower-pitched horns than automobiles, while ship horns are lower-pitched than trucks. Unlike people driving smaller automobiles, truck drivers are required by law to sound their horns in particular situations. In many places there are even signs along the railroad to tell conductors when to use their horns.

Failure to sound a horn at the correct time and improper use of a horn can both prove dangerous for other people using the road. Horns should not be used to express frustration, since they can be very distracting, but are essential in certain situations to alert others of risks.

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