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Beauty Wrecks – Applying Make-Up While Driving

Being in a hurry is the reason behind countless wrecks on highways and roads. Trying to save time is the excuse many people give for doing dangerous things while driving such as speeding, cutting other drivers off, or road weaving. But some people may be surprised to know that putting on make-up while driving can be equally dangerous.

While slapping on some base and blush while behind the wheel in an effort to not be late to work may seem like a benign thing to do, it is in fact a form of distracted driving which can lead to serious injury or even death.

Make-Up Driving Dangers

The most obvious danger involved with applying make-up behind the wheel of an automobile is the increased likelihood of a wreck. Applying something smoothly on your face takes a serious amount of concentration away from the driver and the road. But there are certain types of make-up that can cause additional dangers.

Although applying any make-up while driving is very hazardous and should be avoided altogether, applying eye make up is possibly the worst type. Applying mascara, eyeliner, or eye shadow not only removes one hand from the steering wheel; it also makes the driver partially blind. And in the event of a wreck, the object held near the eye can cause a serious puncture wound resulting in possible blindness.

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