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3 Seatbelt Myths that Could Put You at Risk

Most of us care about being safe in our cars. Seatbelt use has improved over the decades and new laws and fines have encouraged many more people to buckle up, however, thousands of Americans are still hurt or killed in the US each year because they believe some of the following common seatbelt myths:

  • A seatbelt could trap me in my car in a dangerous situation.
    There’s this common misconception that accidents often involve cars being submerged in water or catching fire. Obviously, no one wants to be in such a situation, and being trapped in those cars is a terrible feeling. However, if people stop wearing seatbelts for this reason, there are many safety benefits that are lost. These accidents are extremely rare, and it’s even much rarer that seatbelts lock up in them. You are much safer wearing your belt.
  • I’ll be safer if I’m just thrown clear of an accident.
    This myth suffers from some of the same poor logic as the first. The fact is that you are 25 times more likely to die if you are thrown from your car, and not wearing your belt could cause you further injury even if you aren’t ejected from the vehicle.
  • I have a car with advanced technology like airbags, so I don’t need to wear my seatbelt.
    The problem with this myth is that airbags and other safety features are actually intended to be used in conjunction with your seatbelt. Also, no matter how advanced the technology of your car, you can be in an accident caused by another person that could put you in danger of a serious injury.

For everyone who still rides without seatbelts despite the dangers, it is important that you know that there are many people who wear their belts, follow the laws of the road, and are injured in accidents because of the dangerous behaviors of others on the road.

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